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If you are interested in creating a knife like the one in the featured image. Just keep reading and I will show you in basic steps how to make your own beautiful Bushcraft Puukko.


Material & Tools


Tang; Curly Birch Wood; Bolsters

Before we get started this is what you need to create your own DIY puukko:

  • 1x scandi stick-tang blade: Lauri  offers quality blades at a good price
  • 1x block of wood
  • front and rear bolster
  • wood & metal saw
  • epoxy super glue
  • metal file
  • rasp
  • hammer
  • sandpaper

Remember: The most important tool is patience! Do not to try to finish your project within just a couple of hours.

Step 1: 

-> File the front bolster till the tang fits snug:

Step 1 Filing

Step 2: 

-> Drill the wood so the tang can fit through. Make sure to drill perpendicular, so the tang won’t be bent and under pressure when inserted into the wood.

Tip: It helps to mark the outline of the tang onto the wood.

prep 1

Step 3:

-> Put all the separate pieces over the tang (front bolster, wood, rear bolster). Put some glue between each of the pieces and fill the drilling hole in the wood completely with epoxy glue. Take your time to ensure every gap is filled.

-> Use a vice or a homemade jig (made of two pieces of 2×4, 2x threaded rods; 4 nuts&bolts) to glue everything together.


Step 4:

-> Peen the tang with a peeing hammer (any other hammer will work too but makes the job harder). Again patience is necessary.


Peened Tang

Step 5: (The most fun part!)

-> sand the handle untill it fits your hand perfectly and feels nice and smooth

Puukko Handle

Curly birch puukko handle

As suggested by the title this post is intended as an inspiration for people who have played with the thought of making their own stick-tang puukko. If you are looking for a very detailed instruction of how to make a puukko knife I would suggest to you to check out the following book by Bo Bergman:

Bergman, Bo. Knifemaking: A Complete Guide to Crafting Knives, Handles & Sheaths. Asheville, NC, USA: Lark, 1997


(Step 6):

-> take your knife out and enjoy the forest!