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This pocket knife has been given to me by my parents about 15 years ago. It was manufactured by a company called Hermann Konejung, located in Solingen. It is a single bladed slipjoint folder.

Although I know the full name of the manufacturer it has been very hard to find information about this company. I found out that it has been founded in 1873. The company produced razors and pocket knives.



The site: http://www.archivingindustry.com/cutlers&toolmakers/razormakers.htm

lists different brand names the company has been using over the years. One of them is called “Mit der Brille”, which can be translated as “With spectacles”.  The left side tang stamp of my knife shows spectacles in an oval:

Konejung Spectacles

According to this site the spectacles have been registered in 1907 as a brand stamp. My parents can’t remember where they had bought the knife, so I do not know if the knife was new or used when they bought it. It always had an old style look to it, yet it did not show any signs of use. The homepage I referred to before does not give information on how long the spectacles have been used as a brand stamp. The company registered several other stamps in 1922 and the following years. I would like to believe that the knife has been manufactured between 1907 and 1922, but the condition and appearance of it makes me doubt that it is that old.

Konejung Swivel

The handle seems to be made of Cocobolo or a similar type of tropical hard wood. I always admired the slim and elegant design of the handle and blade. The knife has a swivel so it can be secured against loss with a leather strap or chain.


I’m very curious to find out the correct age of this knife, so if you know anything about this manufacturer please let me know.

© Text & Photos: Philipp Jakob